Electronic Acoustic: Exorcism (2010)

Electronic Acoustic: Exorcism (2010)

by Pi Hsuan Huang

The whole piece is an overdub of Chinese percussion instruments with an attempt to weave in the substantial acoustics of instrumental music and the transformed electronic acoustics for displaying the peculiar exorcism ceremony in the temples of the traditional Chinese society. The pure metal sound symbolizes the instruments with the power of deity used in the exorcism service. The transformed electronic acoustics that dies away shortly is the sign of the little devils.

The artistic conception of the sections in the entire piece is as follows: In the time around 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., at the dead of night, the lamps are put off gradually and all is quiet. The dark shadows scurry out and go out under the eyes of the Buddha. In the still night, the dark shadows lurk in darkness. Under the churning and darkening night, suddenly, they could no longer restrain themselves. Ignoring the golden statue of the Buddha, they turn out in full force and shuttle through the strict contacts recklessly. Under the cover of the shadow of the moon, the threatening cold seems to swallow up the remained vitality.

Suddenly, the color of the wind and clouds change. The lightening and pouring rain fall through the thick darkness. In the rain of the night, the dark shadows tumble like the boiling water and lead the deceased souls to shuttle through the condensed sound of the rain. From the heaven, numerous beams of light shine from the East and surround the exit of the shadows. The spray-like brilliance repeatedly strikes the crawling shadows that have nowhere to escape. In the peep of day, the rainfall begins to moderate and the thick darkness is rinsed. Promptly, a thread of shadow flickers. It is then inhaled into to the white jade vase.

* This work was selected as the Excellent Work in 2010 International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology (WOCAT)